Horse/Equine Photography – San Diego, Nashville & beyond…

This is my dear friend, Cassandra, that has assisted me at many a wedding in San Diego. She is an avid Natural Horsewoman as you can see by her soft, open hands & great relationship with her horse, Jemmie. Cassandra is one of those people that is so beautiful, inside & out, & such a pleasure to be around & photograph. She needed a pic of herself with her camera for her new website so you’ll see how perfect she looks holding a camera. She promises to visit & stay with us in Nashville & return the favor by doing some equine photography with my horses……, ahem, Cassaaaandra, I’m waiting=)))))

Meet Kathy

I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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