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Sale Horse Photography

If you have horses for sale it’s imperative to have beautiful pictures to show them off in their best light. Just like doing nice photos of the dogs at our local shelter helps them get adopted, having great photographs of your horses will bring the most money and also provide you with beautiful memories through...

Dana’s Pastel Horse Portrait – Ocala

My dear Natural Horsemanship friend, Dana, has always wanted a portrait of 2 of her beloved horses, Wiggy & Trip. So lo & behold, her thoughtful husband stepped up to the plate for her 50th birthday & commissioned me to do an equine portrait. Believe it or not, the Appy is the mom of the...

Smokey – Commissioned Equine Art – Ocala

I just finished this equine portrait of Smokey for the sister of one of my past clients, whose two jumpers from the Indio HITS shows are below. Now that I’m in Ocala, I hope to meet lots more HITS show participants. Being able to give animal’s owners something like this so they can always remember...

Meet Kathy

I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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