Horse/equine photography, even when I’m away from Nashville

I just got back from my first Bucket List item – to spend a month at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship training center in Ocala, Florida. Wow, what a wonderful experience for a horse lover like me, spending all day, everyday, learning & playing with my horse was just incredible. Dean was terrific to say this is the time in our lives to do those things we really want to, while we have our health & the means, I sure love him for that! I knew this would be a transitional point & have decided that I am headed toward new endeavors in my life. I will still do photography & art, but in a different way & at a different pace. Here are a few pictures I took that inspire me to get back to my art & start honing my oil painting skills….

This little guy is what got the previous horses so jazzed up; adult horses just love foals!!

Zeus was like a mythical character in the woods…. I look forward to painting some favorite horse antics like these….

This horse just LOVED a long cool soak….

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