Libby & Scherzo – Equine photography – now in Ocala, FL

Libby is a fellow member of the Central Tennessee Dressage Association and shows her senior Shagya Arabian, Scherzo, at the schooling shows.  Here’s a snapshot from this last weekend…, the day before our scheduled equine photo shoot.160507-008Shagya Arabians are much more substantial than most other Arabians, I think Scherzo looks a bit like an Andalusian…very handsome, with many expressions as you will see. Libby wanted photographs of just him but I convinced her that she will love the memories if she is in some of them too. This is what she had to say after seeing her horse’s photography –

“Kathy, I am so happy! I am crying and smiling all at the same time! You did an awesome job and it’s just him to a T. They are so natural – that is what I was hoping for!”

160508-018160508-020160508-023160508-026160508-027160508-029160508-032160508-036160508-042160508-044160508-051160508-053160508-056160508-060160508-069160508-074160508-076Scherzo looks like a Quarter Horse in this photograph!160508-076-2

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