Horse Friend’s Wedding – San Diego

Getting the call be the wedding photographer for my good friend, Kara, from San Diego was a huge honor! We had shared our horse habit when I lived in San Diego & I had done many a family photo shoot for her adorable, lovable family. Because we were all so familiar & comfortable with each other it was an exceptionally fun wedding to shoot. Meeting her new in-laws was just as special since they were as open, friendly & fun as Kara’s family. She is bound for a successful marriage with a groom like Grant & family like his to add to hers, I love them all!Nashville Wedding Photographer

151016-040151016-059151016-086Meeting Grant for the first time was so easy, I felt like I had a good idea of his playful personality, as well as the the perfect love they had between them, from seeing Kara’s FB posts. I love this kind of man – playful, open, loving & adorable!151016-087151016-089151016-121151016-145151016-177151016-179151016-183151016-209151016-310151016-387151016-397Many thanks to my 2nd shooter Cassandra Kendall for capturing the 2nd angles I love so much as well as so much more!151016-414151016-419151016-425151016-427151016-440151016-444151016-450151016-455151016-483151016-485151016-520151016-585


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I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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