Saying good-bye…. Equine / Horse Photographer now in Ocala

Though this post & horse photography session starts out so very uplifting with beautiful, fun pix of Tonja & her sweet one-eyed horse Stroke, there is a very, very sad part.  Stroke can no longer walk & stand comfortably due to something called Laminitis & he is going to be put to rest in the morning. This is one of the toughest decisions for any equine (animal) owner but I honor Tonja for doing the right thing for her great companion. They had a beautiful afternoon together (after giving him loads of Bute pain reliever), all about finding the treats.

Tonja is his Angel! Let’s hope that all our horses are so loved & cared for to the end! If you ever have to make this tough decision, I would love to offer you a discounted Equine Photography Session if you are here in Ocala, FL.

Meet Kathy

I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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