Who doesn’t love to see photographs of little girls & horses?! I’ve had the privilege of sharing my 2 wonderful mares with a couple of young girls that wanted equine photography sessions but didn’t have their own horses.  Little Lily was the latest and was such a good girl, doing whatever I suggested & my girls just went along with her. Most horses are so precious and trusting with children because children haven’t developed any predatory traits yet, they trust so the horses trust them.


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Getting the call be the wedding photographer for my good friend, Kara, from San Diego was a huge honor! We had shared our horse habit when I lived in San Diego & I had done many a family photo shoot for her adorable, lovable family. Because we were all so familiar & comfortable with each other it was an exceptionally fun wedding to shoot. Meeting her new in-laws was just as special since they were as open, friendly & fun as Kara’s family. She is bound for a successful marriage with a groom like Grant & family like his to add to hers, I love them all!Nashville Wedding Photographer

151016-040151016-059151016-086Meeting Grant for the first time was so easy, I felt like I had a good idea of his playful personality, as well as the the perfect love they had between them, from seeing Kara’s FB posts. I love this kind of man – playful, open, loving & adorable!151016-087151016-089151016-121151016-145151016-177151016-179151016-183151016-209151016-310151016-387151016-397Many thanks to my 2nd shooter Cassandra Kendall for capturing the 2nd angles I love so much as well as so much more!151016-414151016-419151016-425151016-427151016-440151016-444151016-450151016-455151016-483151016-485151016-520151016-585


Andrea & Art are as infatuated with their animals as we are so it was only fitting that we woke Layla up from her relaxation on her ball to participate in a group photography session of horses & dogs with them. Although Tanzi, the pup, was a bit harder to control, Layla was one of the best trained dogs I’ve had the opportunity to work with in quite awhile. I’d never heard of AussieDoodles until now, what a combo of a couple of the most intelligent breeds! And pretty darn adorable too, wouldn’t you say?151030-001151030-100151030-094151030-087151030-081151030-072151030-069151030-065151030-062151030-061151030-057151030-046151030-043151030-041151030-039This one below has to be one of my favs, the pup looks like a little teddy bear!151030-037151030-033151030-029151030-024151030-020

Elise & her horse Chris were perfect subjects to accent “Nature’s Fireworks” taking place in our back yard. Doing photography that involves horses is my passion & in this environment it’s heaven, especially a chestnut with a gorgeous coat! Although Chris was a bit scared initially by being in a new place, Elise’s talk with him seemed to help. I’ve been riding at Elise’s Barn Full of Equines and appreciate that she was willing to haul over to my place for this beautiful backdrop, even if it wasn’t at the golden hour in Ocala.

151029-001151029-002151029-004151029-013151029-016151029-017151029-020Below is my favorite of the two of them!151029-030151029-035151029-051

A picture speaks a thousand words when you are trying to sell your horses. If you post beautiful images from many different angles, buyers will be attracted immediately. Let me help you get top dollar for your horse by investing a small amount up front, it’s like staging your house before listing it, it pays off in the end.150528-003This pretty boy is appropriately named Prince, he certainly is a Prince in beauty & disposition! He’s a Paso Fino & was such a glowing subject for his equine photography session=)150528-005150528-006150528-010150528-015150528-016150528-019

As I work on transitioning from my old website to this, my WordPress site, which has more functionality on smart “things”, I mourn losing all the beautiful collages I made of past events. These wedding photography collages honored every wedding & couple I had the pleasure of capturing. I thought I’d make a post of just a few of them since I am limiting the number of weddings I do a year but still want to hone in on some intimate country weddings (especially with horses involved), or mature couples getting married with a more intimate ceremony. I hope these give you a sampling of the diversity of how & what I capture. Please read the Kind Words my past clients have written so you get a feel for how I work/play. There are other wedding photography posts from Nashville on this site that show how wonderful a small country wedding can be, or even not so small=)KhanKaelinCortneyAshleigh & Matt had to be the funniest couple I ever shot. Once I realized I wasn’t going to get too many seriously romantic images I just went with the flow!!AshleigAMY