Family and Horse Photography in Nashville

A few of my favorite things to photograph here in Nashville were included in this photography session out in College Grove – an adorable family, beautiful horses, and a darling dog. We should have included the dog in all of the photography, even if it does complicate things=)161021-009161021-011161021-013We had fun! I love it when the husband & teens enjoy the idea of making memories too!161021-015I want in on the pix!!!161021-017161021-023161021-029161021-032161021-033161021-037161021-038161021-046161021-047161021-049161021-050161021-056161021-058161021-060161021-076Add some equine photography here in Nashville & I’m on cloud nine!!161021-078161021-086161021-090161021-107161021-110161021-126161021-128161021-131161021-133161021-138161021-144Look at how their arms & horse’s head create a heart in this photo, gotta love it=)161021-148

Meet Kathy

I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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