Kind Words from my clients

Waller highly recommends Kathy! She is everything one looks for in a photographer—professional, artistic, creative and exceptionally talented at capturing our attorneys at their best. She is always willing to be there for our firm at the last minute when we’re on a tight deadline and her pictures are outstanding. I recommend Kathy to clients, family and friends and we will continue to use her services well into the future.

Melanie Nelson – Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP

Hey Kathy! OMG… have no idea what this means to me! Sadly….we lost Trip yesterday (the sorrel). I am crushed, but getting through.                                                 Dana Abernathy



The Pictures are ABSOLUTELY fabulous. Her mama hasn’t seen them yet but she will tonight.  I am speechless on how beautiful they came out!    Mel



…..A compliment to you; in all of our planning, and with everyone that we have met with for anything regarding the wedding, no one has given us the confidence that you did when we met. You gave us both a feeling of professionalism, and the comfort of having a friend involved, someone who looks at us as more than just a business appointment. Thank you for that. Jason & Kelsey



You came to us highly recommended & yet you still managed to exceed all our expectations! Thank you for your patience & professionalism,and catching so many wonderful shots of our family, including the dogs!  SuzanneASC_3475


… Thank you for your patience, as we know it couldn’t be easy to capture 3 dogs & make them look so adorable — all in the same photograph. We LOVE our family portraits!…    Perla & Robert



As the father-of-the-bride, I had a unique perspective on choosing the photographer. I’m not just talking about the COST! For years, professional photography was my career goal, so I know a thing or two about good photography. We had seen Kathy working my nephew’s wedding and were amazed at her results. She had such great energy and was able to move the process along in a fun, productive manner. But the proof is in the prints.

I interviewed numerous photographers for “my little girls” day. I was convinced we could find as good, and certainly cheaper photographer in the L.A. area. (Kathy was based out of San Diego at the time and the prospect of bringing her in for the weekend and putting her up made me nuts!) But after going round and round, we always kept comparing the prospective photographers to Kathy. I finally caved. And am SO glad I did!

She handled our day with the most professional care, dealing with last minute changes and adapting to our special requests. She and her assistant captured the magic of the day and we will treasure her work for years to come. My whole family owes her a debt of gratitude for sharing her gift and talent. I can only recommend her with the highest regard. Best money I spent that day (THERE’S the fiscal Dad showing up). -DC


Oh my goodness!!! I cried when I saw it!! You captured her so beautifully that it exceeded all of my expectations!! I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me. John will be overwhelmed at the surprise and probably speechless. My friends here at work think it is awesome too!! Seriously, it is absolutely perfect. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!    Kelli Parker



Well, you made my day as well as my entire family and friends. I have been getting phone calls and emails all day about how wonderful the photos are and what an amazing job the photographer did. Thank you so much for capturing all of our special moments. I’m even tearing as I write this message. You made the entire experience so happy and relaxed. I had many comments from friends and family that you were very pleasant to work with and always had a smile on your face. 😉 I cannot thank you enough. I’m so happy that we will have these memories for the rest of our lives.     Amanda O’Donnell


Oh my God! How cool does that book look! People are flipping out over the photos, book concept, etc. You are so cool! Thank you, thank you once again. I know the photos will give us years of great memories. You are awesome.      Peace and happiness, Tiff



We wanted to thank you for all you did at our wedding. We had a huge problem trying to find just the right photographer. We must have interviewed over 5 people in person & maybe 10 over the phone. The many we spoke to were either very arrogant & overpriced or they weren’t flexible at all in meeting w/ us. You were very accommodating in every aspect.

Thank you again, Rosanna & Thomas


…It made a huge difference being photographed by a woman I really liked & had fun with, considering we all dislike being photographed! Your work has a coveted place of honor among my treasured limited collection of family photos prominently displayed in my home.    Ashleigh1103_Pat0062_________________

Meet Kathy

I love photographing you, your families, and your animals (horses especially), giving you beautiful, personal memories of who and what you love the very most! Given my 23+ years of professional experience, I know how to bring out your personalities, find the pretty light, all while making you feel very comfortable and confident in the process.



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