It’s always a pleasure & loads of fun to go do a photography session that includes a loving family, beautiful horses, an adorable dog, plus perfect weather & light.161021-009161021-011161021-013161021-015161021-017161021-023161021-029161021-032161021-033161021-037161021-038161021-046161021-047Love these boys loving their mom!161021-049161021-050161021-056161021-058161021-060The light we were waiting for popped through & made for a beautiful portrait.161021-076161021-078161021-086161021-090161021-110161021-107161021-131161021-128Horse photography is my passion & when we were just about done they took off running & I had to grab some shots!! Here are just a few from the equine photographer in me=) This one would make a very cool art piece.

161021-126161021-133161021-138I love the heart created by their positions below=)161021-144161021-148

Hannah has got to be one of the best sports about getting her equine photography session done in the heat of Summer in Tennessee! We were under the gun because she will be leaving for the UK soon & wanted pictures with her horse, Bozo, before she sets off. While she’s been in the States she has done so well showing Bozo in Western Dressage as well as Ranch Horse events. You can see they have a sweet relationship.160729-001-2160729-003-2160729-006160729-011160729-018160729-029160729-033160729-035160729-038160729-045160729-047160729-050160729-052160729-053160729-057160729-061160729-069160729-080160729-084Here is the only picture where you can tell how freakin’ hot it was! Still adorable with her rescue pup=)160729-103

Getting to photograph Gail & Don with their beautiful horses was super special. They have a gorgeous property which is an equine photographer’s dream. They needed photography of their horse boarding farm, Riders Up, as well as some of them as the owner caretakers, and of course, some with their own sweet horses and mini donkeys! You may also have seen Gail’s business head shots in that section of my website. We made it an afternoon of photography and got tons of super nice images, here are some of my favs of the equine farm photography part…..160412-004160412-001160412-002160412-008160412-058160412-069160412-079160412-093Who wouldn’t want this sweet couple taking care of their babies?!160412-097160412-103160412-106160412-108160412-126160412-131160412-133160412-142160412-144All 4 feet off the ground! And we had several with that kind of enthusiasm=)160412-165160412-170160412-182160412-197160412-205160412-209

Gail needed some fresh, updated head shots for her training materials and business website – Phone Teacher .160412-012We had a relaxed photography session at her home and I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic business subject. We had fun choosing what to wear and using the beautiful natural light to bring out Gail’s gorgeous hair color near the wood accents of her home, all so earthy.160412-022160412-026160412-032160412-037Although I did some “touching up”, I appreciate that Gail prefers not to go overboard on that either. I really don’t like the Photoshopping craze of making everyone look like a dolly with no natural facial features appropriate to our age and life experience.160412-040160412-042160412-047160412-049

Libby is a fellow member of the Central Tennessee Dressage Association and shows her senior Shagya Arabian, Scherzo, at the schooling shows.  Here’s a snapshot from this last weekend…, the day before our scheduled equine photo shoot.160507-008Shagya Arabians are much more substantial than most other Arabians, I think Scherzo looks a bit like an Andalusian…very handsome, with many expressions as you will see. Libby wanted photographs of just him but I convinced her that she will love the memories if she is in some of them too. This is what she had to say after seeing her horse’s photography –

“Kathy, I am so happy! I am crying and smiling all at the same time! You did an awesome job and it’s just him to a T. They are so natural – that is what I was hoping for!”

160508-018160508-020160508-023160508-026160508-027160508-029160508-032160508-035160508-036160508-040160508-042160508-043160508-044160508-051160508-053160508-056160508-060160508-067160508-069160508-074160508-076Scherzo looks like a Quarter Horse in this photograph!160508-076-2

Who doesn’t love to see photographs of little girls & horses?! I’ve had the privilege of sharing my 2 wonderful mares with a couple of young girls that wanted equine photography sessions but didn’t have their own horses.  Little Lily was the latest and was such a good girl, doing whatever I suggested & my girls just went along with her. Most horses are so precious and trusting with children because children haven’t developed any predatory traits yet, they trust so the horses trust them.


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