Jessie was boarded at my horse property in Nashville, TN & Jennifer wanted to get an equine photo session done before I moved to Ocala, FL. So glad we did this while the Spring green was gorgeous as well as Jessie looking her best after shedding. I miss you guys!!! Carly misses Jess too. Funny story, when Jennifer used to trailer over, my horse Carly seemed to hate Jessie. Then when Jessie moved in, they were inseparable.

If you have horses for sale it’s imperative to have beautiful pictures to show them off in their best light. Just like doing nice photos of the dogs at our local shelter helps them get adopted, having great photographs of your horses will bring the most money and also provide you with beautiful memories through those pictures too. And if you ever want to have a portrait drawn or painted, that’s another good reason to have pictures taken now, while your horse or dog is beautiful & healthy!20180420--4320180420--4520180420--4620180420--4820180420--6920180420--7320180420--7720180420--84

I’m going to miss Elise Parsons and her beautiful Thoroughbred make-overs; she has been one of my best Nashville customers! With all the Thoroughbreds in Ocala, I hope I at least get the opportunity to photograph many more at beautiful farms down there.


Marie, the owner of Clearview Horse Farm In Shelbyville, TN needed some images to update her website so we made a long afternoon of photographing her many horses in many different ways. We have done many equine photo shoots over the years and I will miss dear Marie terribly. We have had many a great time at Clearview for clinics & shows since she rents adorable horse themed rooms as a darling Bed & Breakfast too, great for travelers as well! I will miss all my great friends from there when I move to Ocala, Florida very soon.

Kelly & Freja, her dogs and some of the special barn dogs

It’s always fun to do an equine photography session of Kelly & her giant horse, Freja, here in Nashville. They are both so photogenic. This time we were at her barn in Colombia, TN and included her gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog, Yogi, and her British Cream, Levi. Of course she used one for her Christmas card=) Maybe next year we’ll get some in horse photos in Ocala, FL!


Lila and her all-around champion Appaloosa and Ranch Horse were such a pleasure to photograph at their trainer’s, Don Charest, in Nashville, TN. Because Lila comes from the colder part of the U.S., I believe it was Pennsylvania, they brought her horse down to Tennessee to get a start on legging up for the horse show season a little early. Maybe going down to Ocala Florida next time won’t be out of the question? I’d sure love to do their horse photography again sometime.

Lynn & Buddy proved to both be terrific equine photography models, both willing to try anything, Buddy almost walking thru an old barn door that dropped off about 4 feet!!! Yikes! We had so much fun shooting pictures, then took a ride around the beautifully groomed Harlinsdale Farm Park trails. I brought Carly & she was a good pacifier grazing just off camera so Buddy wasn’t worried and calling for horse friends. Thank goodness we got these done before the hot humid Summer was here. It’s been a gorgeous Spring this year.170608-006170608-010170608-013170608-014170608-019170608-021170608-022170608-025170608-028170608-034170608-035170608-040170608-043170608-049170608-050170608-051170608-052170608-053170608-057170608-059170608-061170608-067170608-068170608-071170608-073170608-081170608-082170608-086170608-090170608-091170608-093170608-094170608-097170608-098170608-099

Lynn has family in Florida so maybe we will still get some horse photography time once I’m in Ocala too.

170408-003Susan stopped for an overnighter on her way to a horse training clinic & I had to go grab my camera for a quick shoot while the afternoon light was pretty in the field next door. She said she has never had an equine photo session, much less any nice photography with her horses. Certainly not a full on horsey photo session but happy to oblige my good friend with some nice memories! Could you die for either of these adorable/beautiful horses?!170408-005170408-008170408-011170408-012170408-022170408-024170408-026170408-028170408-029170408-033